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Let's face it, our boys are being forgotten. What books, movies, or cartoons have been made for or featuring them? Who do they have as roles models? What is considered cool? What is seen as attainable?

Is there a resource available for teens to learn about scholarships, HBCUs, careers, or how to prepare themselves for adulthood? As young professionals and adults, where do our men go to learn about money, love, entrepreneurship, and career advancement?


Our founder, Christopher Bridges, is a husband, father of three boys, military veteran, and author. Like most he wanted to be an athlete and entertainer. Unfortunately, he wasted years searching for his calling, and trying to figuring out things alone.

We want to introduce our boys to their favorite books, sew seeds of confidence, character, and a love of learning, expose our teens and young adults to careers and ideas they never knew existed or thought they could  accomplish, and we want to help our men be the prepared and "whole" in all areas of their lives. Our goal is to shorten the learning curve by sharing information and resources to help our current and future leaders live fulfilled lives.

Let's build the bridge to success together! Please join our mailing list, so we may serve you, or help you be of service to others.

About Us: About Us
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